Month: July 2017

Hacking the grids

You learn “hacking away” when reading ’bout the affairs of Ukraine and the stability of it IT infrastructure being knocked offline time-and-time again.

Being monitored by my [car] insurer …

I most definitely wouldn’t agree to. Even IF I could get a lower insurance. How would you feel about your insurer or your finance company having access to data about your driving and where you go? via Hit the road – with your insurer and lender keeping an eye on your driving — Naked Security

RFC 8196 – IS-IS Autoconfiguration

specifies IS-IS autoconfiguration mechanisms via RFC 8196 – IS-IS Autoconfiguration Now they gone and done it with IS-IS. Auto-config coming out. Would make my choice of protocol if I could use it with routing daemons on Linux/BSD systems, too. In the not so fare of future!