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who called it …

who called it kernel problems on your network switch and not "Panic! At The Cisco" — jess (@l1quidcryst4l) January 29, 2018

Mind facts

Interesting perspective on how to change minds Facts Don’t Change People’s Minds. Here’s What Does — Lucy Adams (@lucy4dams) September 16, 2017

Git committer e-mail. Which t use ?

Podcast (7 October 2015) “Do you use a private or work e-mail when pushing git commits to repositories.” 🤔🤔🤔 The question is worth asking yourself as it’s (also) ’bout attribution of work you have done in either a public (fx GitHub) or private (fx Internal) domain. The use of .mailmap partially solves the issue…

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UK home secretary: ‘real people’ don’t want unbreakable encryption – Naked Security

I still do not (and never will) get why some people endorse weakening security. It will never result in good. Only making it easier for the crooks to get our data from all the vulnerable devices still in existence today. (And more to come if the proposal gets through parliament)

Hacking the grids

You learn “hacking away” when reading ’bout the affairs of Ukraine and the stability of it IT infrastructure being knocked offline time-and-time again.