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XR7, Not Just Another Release

When IOS XR was first designed, mass-scale networking and its related challenges were not around.  However, we already had a clear vision of building a highly scalable, reliable, available, upgradeable, high-performance NOS for the service provider space that caters all the way from low-end single chassis systems to massive high-end multi-chassis routers. To meet the…

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Tool: RPKI Origin Validation Checker

I wrote a small tool to help figure out the impact of deploying “RPKI invalid == reject” routing policies, since not all invalids are equally problematic. Enjoy! — Job Snijders (@JobSnijders) February 6, 2020


Today we're testing EVPN route policy filtering in JUNOS. Recently released in 19.4R1, this feature will help get around the issue of L2 on spines spanning multiple data centres to enhance forwarding behaviour 😁 — Dan Hearty (@danhearty) January 23, 2020


Assassins Creed in 2020… 2020 ASSASSIN’S CREED LEAKED! NEW DETAILS ABOUT THE NEXT RELEASE – Let’s… from assassinscreedpics 👀

De-bogonising 2a10::/12 | RIPE

With the RIPE NCC having become the first RIR to receive an additional /12 IPv6 allocation (2a10::/12) from IANA a few months ago, we will soon begin to delegate space from this IPv6 block to LIRs. In preparation for this, in order to improve routability and minimise the risk of filtering, the RIPE NCC will…

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