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10 gigabit inter-VLAN with a Mikrotik RB4011 –

Something I see pop up fairly regularly on a few of the forums, Discords, and subreddits that I hang out on is that the RB4011 is not capable of 10 gigabit routing

Guess what?


I’d be lying if I said that this xkcd wasn’t me sometimes:

Of course, whenever this pops up I’m not in a position to demonstrate the proof. It definitely can go almost full 10Gb.

But you say, it’s only got a single SFP+ port!

That’s what full-duplex is for!

I’ve got a number of these devices and have tested them extensively. The RB4011 is definitely capable of 10 gigabit routing, in a router-on-a-stick fashion.


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New FRR command to show failed peers only


show bgp [afi] [safi] summary failed [json]

Show a bgp peer summary for peers that are not succesfully exchanging routes for the specified address family, and subsequent address-family.[afi][safi]summaryfailed[json]


Stop Using the OSI Model – rule 11 reader

Agreed. Stop using the OSI model. Switch to the TCP/IP model!

Third, the OSI model focuses on what each layer does from the perspective of an application, rather than focusing on what is being done to the data in order to transmit it. The OSI model is built “top down,” rather than “bottom up,” in other words. While this might be really useful if you are an application developer, it is not so useful if you are a network engineer.

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