Routing Policy

Routing Policy

  1. ROA validation is used for all ingoing and outgoing BGP announcements. Invalid announcements is rejected.
  2. The below prefix filter rules from the dn42 website is used, too.
  3. All route announcements with as-paths longer than 32 is rejected. (This is to prevents a mishap in the event of an unlikely routing loop in the network)

Prefix filters

General filter rules used in ASN 4242420144.{21,29}, # dn42{28,32}, # dn42 Anycast{28,32}, # dn42 Anycast{28,32}, # dn42 Anycast{28,32}, # dn42 Anycast,       # ChaosVPN,       # ChaosVPN{15,24}     #
fd00::/8{44,64}       # ULA address space as per RFC 4193

ROA Generator

Find information at repository. And find the exported ROA files here.