XR7, Not Just Another Release

When IOS XR was first designed, mass-scale networking and its related challenges were not around.  However, we already had a clear vision of building a highly scalable, reliable, available, upgradeable, high-performance NOS for the service provider space that caters all the way from low-end single chassis systems to massive high-end multi-chassis routers. To meet the rigorous SP requirements, a slew of ground-breaking infrastructure and distributed-systems architecture patterns were brought into the system—decoupled plane abstractions, state management, process distribution, high-performance messaging infrastructure, data distribution/access patterns, high availability and upgradeability. These solid foundations and continuous evolutions made IOS XR the industry-leading NOS.I’m thrilled to announce today the availability of IOS XR, Release 7, that brings some noteworthy evolutions. Four key tenets make Release 7 stand out.It is simple, modern, trustworthy, and cloud-enhanced.

Source: XR7, Not Just Another Release – Cisco Blogs

De-bogonising 2a10::/12 | RIPE

With the RIPE NCC having become the first RIR to receive an additional /12 IPv6 allocation (2a10::/12) from IANA a few months ago, we will soon begin to delegate space from this IPv6 block to LIRs. In preparation for this, in order to improve routability and minimise the risk of filtering, the RIPE NCC will perform several de-bogonising activities in the next few weeks.We plan to start announcing the full /12, as well as a few /32 or longer blocks out of 2a10::/12 from AS12654 (RIPE Routing Information System (RIS)), within the next few days. We will analyse data from RIS and RIPE Atlas and we plan to write up an analysis around this effort.We want to remind everybody to update their bogon filters and allow routes originating from 2a10::/12 in their network.

Source: RIPE NEWSRouting WG, Google (De-bogonising 2a10::/12)