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How-to VPN: Private Internet Access (PIA) and MikroTik Router

# First create a vpn profile to use when creating l2tp/pptp connections # to privateinternetaccess. /ppp profile add change-tcp-mss=yes comment=”PIA VPN” \ dns-server=, name=privateinternetaccess \ only-one=no use-compression=no use-encryption=required use-ipv6=no \ use-mpls=no use-upnp=no # Create the l2tp interface /interface l2tp-client add comment=”PIA VPN Germany” \ connect-to=germany.privateinternetaccess.com disabled=no \ name=pia-de-l2tp password=[l2tp-password] \ profile=privateinternetaccess user=[l2tp-username] # [l2tp-username] #…

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Don’t pick your profile picture yourself

Photo by Ellen De Vos. “You might really love that one photo where you squint your eyes and make a pouty face, but chances are what you like doesn’t look as good to other people. A recent study suggests you’re better off having someone else pick your profile pics. ” Via http://lifehacker.com/why-you-should-let-someone-else-pick-your-profile-pictu-1794342712