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Tool: RPKI Origin Validation Checker

I wrote a small tool to help figure out the impact of deploying “RPKI invalid == reject” routing policies, since not all invalids are equally problematic. Enjoy! https://t.co/qtxs5Z46Yx pic.twitter.com/aw6CCNSLXf — Job Snijders (@JobSnijders) February 6, 2020


Today we're testing EVPN route policy filtering in JUNOS. Recently released in 19.4R1, this feature will help get around the issue of L2 on spines spanning multiple data centres to enhance forwarding behaviour 😁 — Dan Hearty (@danhearty) January 23, 2020

New FRR command to show failed peers only

Have a bajillion bgp peers and are having trouble wading through them to find the ones not in an Established state? #FRRouting just got a new command to help you debug this situation. pic.twitter.com/tfpWp04OkJ — Donald Sharp (@menotyousharp) September 3, 2019   show bgp [afi] [safi] summary failed [json] Show a bgp peer summary for peers…

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