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Proactive Network Configuration Validation with Batfish – NANOG (2015) Presentation

Batfish is an open-source network configuration analysis tool in active development produced jointly by researchers at University of California, Los Angeles; University of Southern California; and Microsoft Research. Though its individual modules have various applications, its primary purpose is to detect bugs in network configurations. Batfish takes as input a set of network configurations, and…

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David Holder – An Overview of IPv6 Security

Speaker: Dr David Holder (Erion Ltd) http://uknof.uk/42/ Security is one of the most crucial factors in modern networks. Network operators are painfully aware of this. IPv6 brings new challenges, features and opportunities for network security. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of IPv6 security, why it needs to be taken seriously, how it differs from…

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  Networks relevant for AS112 project 0/8 10/8 127/8 169.254/16 172.16/12 192.0.2/24 198.51.100/24 203.0.113/24 ::/128 ::1/128 2001:0db8::/32 fd00::/8 fe80::/10   Links https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6303